Vibro-Replacement / Aggregate Piers

The original “Stone Column” method used to densify and strengthen soils. No other tool for compacting stone densifies the surrounding soil better than the depth vibrator. The “Gold Standard” in liquefaction mitigation, it has densified foundation soils for the most critical structures built on liquefiable ground.

Vibro-Stone Columns, or Vibro-replacement, is a ground improvement technique particularly suitable to increase the density of granular soils and reinforce cohesive soils.

The Stone Column is constructed by inserting a vibratory probe to design depth, filling the newly-created hole with crushed rock, and vibrating the crushed rock to increase its density and diameter as the probe is raised from the design depth toward the surface. Columns can be installed using either the wet method or the dry bottom feed (DBF) method. The wet method is usually slightly faster, but the DBF method offers more control over the placement of the crushed rock and the column diameter.