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For Owners

Good Ground is Scarce and Densely Populated

The scarcity of building sites suitable for development is especially a problem in coastal areas. All the good building sites have either been built on, or are too far from where they need to be. Worse yet, siting requirements may force structures to be built on the area’s poorest quality ground. 

 AGI has the expertise, technology, tools, and experience to overcome these issues and build solid foundations to meet the strictest building codes. AGI believes the first thing built on a site, the foundation, is the last thing an owner should have to worry about. 

Owners and developers are left asking: “Who can provide the best design-build solution?”

AGI is the Answer

How does AGI provide the best design-build solution? During the design stage, AGI combines state-of-the-art design capabilities with expertise in proven ground improvement techniques. This allows for the engineering of an economical and technically sound solution. 

During the construction stage, AGI’s adoption of the most unique and cutting-edge practices ensures the highest quality product and performance.

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